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Mayor Don Walters and his wife, Stephanie, are proud parents and grandparents who couldn’t be happier to call Cuyahoga Falls home. Born and raised in the Falls, Don’s parents taught him the values of being honest, proactive, collaborative, and most importantly, hardworking. He attended Lincoln Elementary, Roberts Middle School, and Cuyahoga Falls High School, preparing him to overcome life’s challenges and strive for success.


About Mayor Walters

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The Mayor started his professional career with Bisson’s Grocery Store, formerly located on Graham Road, while still in high school. Throughout his time there, he attended the University of Akron and the National Institute of Technology and honed his leadership skills while working his way into an administrative position. In 1989, he moved to Roadway, now known as YRC Worldwide, where he worked in Operations and Logistics for 23 years. Don Walters was first elected to represent Ward Six on Cuyahoga Falls City Council in 2001 and was re-elected five times. Throughout his 12-year tenure, he was unanimously elected council president three times by his colleagues.

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In 2013, Don Walters unseated a 28-year incumbent to win election as the 16th mayor of the City of Cuyahoga Falls. Mayor Walters delivered on his platform of neighborhood excellence, exponential small business growth, outstanding city services, and downtown revitalization. Before the end of his first term, Mayor Walters broke ground on the reopening of Front Street to vehicular traffic for the first time in four decades, laying the groundwork for the thriving downtown we enjoy today.

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Mayor Walters was re-elected in 2017, winning every precinct in the city and the resounding support of two-thirds of Cuyahoga Falls voters. The Mayor has kept our tremendous progress going with record street repairs and continued neighborhood reinvestment. Our reinvigorated downtown alongside our namesake falls on the Cuyahoga River has led to us being named the number one urban kayaking destination in the nation.

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Business is blooming in Cuyahoga Falls, but there is still much work to be done. The Mayor’s vision for our future includes walkable neighborhood shopping and business hubs, continued job growth, park and trail improvements, and more opportunities for younger residents

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